Jason Staten

"Teaching self motivation is not the only thing that Ms. Welters is excellent with, she is one of the most Outstanding Teachers of the Ballet that I have ever had." 

Cynthia M. Shelton

"What you and your instructors provide to our children is more than dance. You instill discipline, respect, pride in self and a love of the arts. I tell everyone I consider NSDA an essential part of my boys’ life education"


Najyyiah-Michelle Gaither  

"When we enter the studio we are always greeted with
a warming hug. Growing up this way always made me feel like I was cared for and loved at the studio which made me love coming to dance. As if sharing her knowledge of dance isn't enough, she shares her huge heart to each individual dancer, and to me, the love and support of your teacher can propel great works in the world of dance." 

Nicole Martin Battle 

"Being a child of color or a child of a certain socio-ecconomic background and being told " You can be anything" doesn't always pertain to us, but dancing with Mrs. Welters was different. I could be... a dancer...smart...beautiful...graceful and anything else." 

Kim Bears Bailey

Assistant Artistic Director of The Philadelphia Dance Company/PHILADANCO and Associate Professor of Dance at The University of the Arts

sidney hampton

"If it wasn't for her (Lynn Welters) I would not be prospering as much as I am. She has made me feel like a Prince among many, and I find myself asking all the time, "Where would I be if it wasn't for her?" I thank you from the bottom of my heart for believing in me." 

Krysten Simone Thomas 

"My dance training, as a whole, helped me with many of those areas. But specifically it shaped the way I carry myself even until this day, particularly in respect to my posture and the fluidity of my movement." 

Jenel Wyatt

Dear Mrs. Welters,
This year's dance recital was utterly amazing!  Your standards are so high and you've managed to top yourself once again. We are so grateful to be a part of NSDA.  Each year, Camille becomes a better dancer thanks to your instruction and care. My entire extended family and I are so amazed at the progress she has made.  It wasn't long ago that she was a four year old Lemon, delighted to be a student of a 99 year old dance teacher! 😉
All of the pieces for En Blanc (and all of the other levels) were so impressive.  All of the hours of class and rehearsal were evident.  I can't believe that last year Cami took 10 minutes of pointe per week and this year she performed "La Bayadere"! You literally work miracles. All of Camille's grandparents came into town from Detroit and they said the recital was worth travelling the 600 miles! They have not missed an NSDA recital in 8 years.  They remarked on how beautiful the music was and how gorgeous the costumes were.  The entire show was a delight for the senses! Thank you for your dedication to young people and to the art of dance. And thank you for the love and patience you show Camille.  Enjoy your summer!

Jenel Wyatt

Erica Leake 

"This school has given me discipline, confidence, and lots of love. I've learned the hard work and dedication it takes to run a dance school. This has taught me how to fight for what I want, never give up, and follow my heart." 

Renee S Patrick

Tatianna, Brandon, and BRianna

"In my role as a foster parent, I took two children into my home in February of this year – Brandon (5 years old) and Brianna (4 years old). The very next day, I brought the children with me to Tatianna’s dance class. Ms. Welters, in her kind and loud, loving way, asked me about the new additions. Without hesitation she offered to support the children taking dance class for the rest of the term. I was surprised and blown away at her generosity, especially considering she knew very little about Brandon and Brianna. I do believe Ms. Welters was prompted solely by her love for children and her knowledge of the benefits of such an opportunity. Ms. Welters looked at Brianna and Brandon and loved them. ." 

Sabrina Margaret Chiang 

"Thanks to Ms. Welters and the NSDA, I have a BFA in Dance, Minor in Theatre. I graduated Magna Cum Laude with Departmental Honors and the Dean's Award for Service to the College. I have taken classes, taught, performed, and choreographed in Curaçao and France. I have worked with choreographers and dancers from all over the world. I created a thesis for undergrad and was asked to choreograph with the MFA students which led to me getting head hunted for a MFA candidate position at Case Western." 

Jonathan & Melantha Stith  

"The discipline of learning dance has positively influenced their success in other endeavors. Far beyond learning a few steps and routines, they have learned how to step through adversity and difficulty and attain the routines needed for a successful life. The grace and poise they have learned in the dance studio has positioned them to face life with great rectitude and posture." 

Melvin L. Clark, III

"This Angel broaden my perspective on the world and its possibilities. As a result of her dedication and commitment to me I've worked with Top Industry Professionals and Organizations. Some credits include: Alvin Ailey student showcase Group (for promising Dancers),Something New (Focus Features), AVATAR (Twentieth Century FOX),Tokyo Disney, Hairspray (Sacramento Music Circus), Person of Interest (CBS), Boardwalk Empire (HBO), Dance Spirit Magazine, Sony arts Media Kennedy Center etc." 

Lisa Johnson-Willingham

Director, Ailey Dance Extension

Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater

Madinah Ba’th  

"I would like to thank Ms. Welters for helping me grow physically and mentally throughout the years. I have become a confidently beautiful Black ballerina and will never be ashamed of it!" 

leonard lee slaughtr worley

"After all these years I thank you for accepting me into Duke Ellington it was the most rewarding experience in my life and made such a difference. All the times you got on us to make us strong was needed and I respect the heat we received because the world is a cruel place and nobody gives you anything.from all those lessons learned now I realize that I must continue to pursue all my dreams to the fullest and be spiritual in my quest. I have three children now ages 15,17,and 22 and through them I see myself. Again thank you for keeping me out of the streets and opening my mind. "

maati Ausara Wafford

"This weekend I experienced such a deep sense of love and pride that I have to share it with you. I grew up dancing (ballet, tap, jazz, etc) I also grew up dancing in the south. This often left me being the only person of color and in this context, at age 3 experiencing racism and discrimmination. I distinctly remember when I was 5 years old after finishing class, a woman asking my mother in her deep southern accent "Oh My! Your daughters skin is so pretty...is her father white?" Needless to say, although I LOVED to dance, it was a bumpy road for me and I often wonder had I been in a nurturing environment would I have continued on. Well, fast forward 20 plus years....my daughter attended her first Ballet class this weekend and I was absolutely blown away by what I saw and felt. I was completely surrounded by brown ballerinas and how beautiful they all were! Nurturing instructors that all affirm the beauty and power of sisterhood, a positive self image and discipline through dance. I'm so blessed to have found this opportunity for my daughter and I." 

shakeyua hines

"There is great knowledge that lies within NSDA. NSDA is about more than just learning how to dance, it's about learning how to live greater, how to be greater than oneself. In great knowledge, there is great power. Ms. Lynn Welters is compassionate to the needs of her students, her student's world around them, and their potentials. She possesses the ability to tap into her students greatness and pull out something special." 

“ NSDA is the most child friendly, diverse dance experience in the D.C. Metro area. Wishing you decades of success."

Dr. Dawn Cannon parent of dancer Kai.

“ NSDA has come a long way over the years. Ms. Welters has been consistent in her teaching methods which is envied by others. I had to leave the school briefly to go to Los Angeles and even there her name caused awe from those who have heard of her reputation.”

Stephanie Cooper and Isis

“ New School of Dance & Arts may very well be one of DC’s best kept secrets !" 

Mrs. Sheri D. Johnson

“Dear Ms. Welters & NSDA Staff,
Thank you for the opportunity to participate in such a fantastic program! Your commitment to excellence and your ability to make every child feel good about their involvement in the various experiences that your institution has to offer is very much so appreciated. Thank you for your kindness and your investment in our children. Thank you,"

The Tappan Family 

“ This is a dance school that works well with students from all backgrounds. I was very impressed with the discipline and form that my child developed from the New School of Dance & Arts, Ms. Welters, we love you.”

Halima Sabour and Riayah Copeland

“ Thank you so much for your acceptance, encouragement, and climate of cooperation. NSDA is a joy and a blessing.”

The Bean Family

“ We are so delighted that Madison is beginning her dance career with the New School of Dance & Arts in the able hands of Lynn B. Welters “

Dona Kilpatrick and Family